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Fall '97


As you know, we will be celebrating the dedication of the WIMSA (Women in Military Service for America) Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 15-17 of this year.

AFWOA had planned a reunion luncheon at the Doubletree on Friday, October 17. But WIMSA has now setup and Air Force luncheon on that day. There is also an all-service luncheon. It's still a bit uncertain at this point, but there will be a luncheon on that day. Details will be posted h ere when finalized.

We are sponsoring the Colonel Geraldine May, USAF Ret., Chair at the WIMSA Memorial. We still need about $1800 of our $10,000 goal. So we would appreciate your help. If you donate directly to WIMSA, please include a note that you r donation be credited to the Col. May chair - don't just put it on the memo line on your check.

The other details remain the same - see our June newsletter

We really appreciate your support, both moral and financial!. Many of you have expressed thanks to our "staff". The staff is one sweet husband who does so much of the work. Among other things, he keeps up with postal requirements and keeps the newsletters in distribution. And to facil itate this, we need your nine-digit zip - we have no other way to get those last four numbers. If you haven't given it to us, please forward it via email or call our 800 number.


AFWOA Swim Award

Our annual award to the "Most Valuable Swimmer (Woman)" at the Air Force Academy was presented to Cadet Second Class Elizabeth Zeman of Grand J unction, CO. The award was presented by Maj. Janet Seybert (USAF Ret.) of Aurora, CO.

Cadet Zeman is majoring in History and French and is on the Academy Dean's and Athletic Lists. She wrapped up her second team MVP award after leading the Falcons t o a 10-1 record in their first season at the Division I level. She ranked first or second on the team in four different events and had the Conference's fastest time in the 50 freestyle for most of the year.She also holds four school records. She was very pleased to accept the AFWOA award.

By the way, women have now been at the Academy for 21 years!

Special Thanks . . .

To Brig. Gen. Karen Rankin, Randolph AFB, TX, for hosting a great luncheon gathering of active duty and retired women officers. In addition to doing all the cooking, Karen also recruited many new members!

Those of you who live in areas of high density "WAF" populations might enjoy doing someting similar. It's a great way to meet some very nice people, and would help us in reaching our 2000 member goal. And we are pleased to note that many of our new members are active duty - this bodes well for the long-term success of AFWOA!

Operation Homecoming

Next year is the 25th anniversary of the return of our POWs from Vietnam. If you are interested in remembering that time, you might like to look at Marilyn's pages on Operation Homecoming . There are several pictures on each page, so they may be a bit slow to load.

USS Hopper

On September 6 in San Francisco, the Navy will commission a new Guided Missile Destroyer, the USS Hopper. This is the first combatant ship to be named after a woman, the late Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper . RAdm. Hopper joined the WAVES in 1943 and became known as the "Computer Mother" of the Navy, and as "Amazing Grace". She is also known as the mother of the computer language COBOL. The ship is a tribute to Adm. Hopper and to all women who served in the Navy.

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Spring '97


We will be celebrating the dedication of the WIMSA (Women in Military Service for America) Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 15-17 of this year. This is a most important event for all of us, and we encourage you to participate with us.
  • AFWOA has arranged guaranteed rates for members at the Doubletree Hotel National Airport in Crystal City, VA; this is the former Holiday Inn with the revolving r ooftop lounge that many of you will remember. Our rate is $99 per night plus tax per room, whether for one or more individuals. For reservations, please contact the hotel directly at (703) 416-4100; call soon to obtain this special rate.
  • Doubletree provides transportation from National Airport. WIMSA is scheduled to provide transportation to and from scheduled dedication activities.
  • AFWOA's reunion luncheon will be at the Doubletree on Friday, October 17. Since it's DC, the cost is a bit h igh, $25, but please try to join us.
  • The AFWOA hospitality suite will be available from Thursday, October 16, to Sunday, October 19. As usual, we'd appreciate donations, but the hotel is allowing us to bring our own snacks and beverages.
  • "Rent" i s the current musical hit on Broadway, and it will be playing at the National Tehater in October. We have forty seats reserved for the evening performance on Wednesday, October 15, at $60.75 (orchestra) - prepaid, first come, first severed, no refunds. < li>We are sponsoring the Colonel Geraldine May, USAF Ret., Chair at the WIMSA Memorial. Our goal is $10,000 and we're about a third of the way there - please help!

Hope to see you in October!


For thepast 31 years, the Stuhr Scholarship Fund has awarded more than 150 scholarships to highschool senior dependents of the five military services. active or retired. Application forms are available in the fall for submission by the end of the first term. Send a request for information (including a self-addressed stamped envelope) to:
Executive Director,
Stuhr Scholarship Fund,
1200 Fifth Ave., Suite 9-D,
New York NY 10029

The Retired Officers Association (TROA) also provides scholarship aid for dependent children. Call 1-800 and ask for the Education Office.


The tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is a suport group for military families. The headquarters is Washington, D.C., and there are local chapters throughout the U.S. To receive their newsletter, call 1-800-959-TAPS.


The Veterans Administration is working with the Diabetes Foundation to co-sponsor a five year project to create research centers at VA medical centers. We will keep you informed at this project progresses. For information on diabetes on the Web, visit Diabetesnet .


The AFWOA Most Valuable Swimmer Award for t his year was awarded to Cadet Maiya D. Anderson, Air Force Academy Class of 1997. Maiya says the award means a great deal to her and she sends AFWOA a big thank you.

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