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AFWOA welcomes active duty, retired and separated women officers of the regular Air Force and its reserve components. To join AFWOA, you can complete and mail in (with a $10 check for dues) our membership form or forward the following information via email or regular mail to the address at the bottom of this page:

    • Name: Last, First, MI, (Maiden if applicable) 
    • Rank (Present, Retired or Separated) 
    • Status (Active, Reserve, Retired, Separated or Early Retirement) 
    • Dates of service and a brief service history (EXAMPLE:  Sep 1971 - Dec 1991.  Enlisted: 71-74 Ellsworth AFB SD, 74 Myrtle Beach AFB SC, 74-77 Randolph AFB TX, 77-79 AECP Univ of Texas San Antonio.  Officer: 79-80 Nellis AFB NV, 80-81 Shemya AB AK, 81-84 Peterson AFB CO, 84-85 AFIT Wright-Patterson AFB OH, 85-91 Cheyenne Mountain AFS and Peterson AFB CO, 91 Eglin AFB FL.)
    • Address: Street, City, State, Zip (9 digit)  - (Do you want your street address displayed in the online member directory? [ Yes / No ])
    • Telephone Number - (Do you want your telephone number displayed in the online member directory?  [ Yes / No ] )
    • Email Address (if applicable) - (Do you want your email address displayed in the online member directory? [ Yes / No ] )
    • Husband's Name (if applicable)
    • The "Members Only" area on our website requires a user ID and password for access.  This area contains our newsletters and an online member directory.  Do you want a user ID and password so you can access the "Members Only" area (email address required)?
    • Printing and postage costs continue to go up.  Do you want the quarterly newsletter mailed to you, or would you prefer to receive it via email? [ Mail / Email ]

Air Force Women Officers Associated 
P.O. Box 780155 ~ San Antonio, Texas 78278

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